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Dec 3, 2021

Read the DP article on the event here.

The panel was aimed at helping students approach pubic sector internships. Kaitlyn has published a book on the topic, The Public Sector Pivot: How Gen Z Will Lead a Renaissance in Public Service.

Nov 8, 2021

As an intern with ACLU-WV, NIKKI ZINZUWADIA helped spearhead research establishing a health crisis in West Virginia jails.

Sep 29, 2021

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in discussion with PPU Speaker Frank Hong. (Photo by Eric Sucar)

AS REPORTED IN PENN TODAY, FORMER U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL LORETTA LYNCH joined the five political caucuses of the Penn Political Union (PPU) on the evening of September 23 to discuss topics from her career path to her thoughts on law enforcement reform and her most memorable cases.