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Undergraduate Grant Recipients


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Ezra Chan
History / Health and Societies
Adviser: Andi Johnson
Project: “Menaces to Freedom: The Evolution of Health as National Security in Cold War America, 1953-1989”

Joey Jung
Urban Studies / Political Science
Adviser: Elaine Simon
Project: “David vs. Goliath: Can Community Benefits Agreements Protect
and Empower Communities Impacted by Development?”

Augustus Otto Kindel
Adviser: Lee Cassanelli
Project: “Pragmatic Actors in the Ogaden from 1896 to 1935: Analyzing Ethiopian
Administration of the Ogaden Region Through Trade and Diplomacy”

Stacy Shimanaku
International Studies and Business
Adviser: Rudra Sil
Project: “The Socioeconomic Inclusion of Migrant Workers in Japan”

Hertha Maria Torre Gallego
Health and Societies
Advisers: Amy Lutz and Sebastián Gil-Riaño
Project: “A Partial Revolution: Engaging with Realities of Abortion Reform in Argentina”

Plum Xu
Adviser: Ramya Sreenivasan
Project: “Land, Labor and Water in Punjab, 1947”


Hannah De Oliveira
History / Legal Studies and History
Advisers: Eiichiro Azuma  and Amy Offner
Project: “The Japanese American Citizens League and Internment During World War II”

Isaac Gateno
Political Science
Advisers: James Houghton and Duncan Watts
Project: “The Influence of Partisan Identity on Political Beliefs”

Mya Gordon
Urban Studies
Adviser: Ira Harkavy
Project: “Toward More Effective Democratic Civic University Community Engagement”

Jana Hayaly
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Adviser: Douglas Paletta
Project: “Creating a Digital Platform for Impact Investing”

Cole McCann-Phillips
History / Modern Middle Eastern Studies
Adviser: Eve M. Troutt Powell
Project: “Resistance in the Global Precariat: From Uncertain Futures to
Desperation, Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon’s Existential Crises”

Seoyoon Yang
International Studies / Business Ethics and Legal Studies
Adviser: Marco Alves
Project: “Environmental Personhood in Ecuador: A Case Study of the Napurak
Achuar Indigenous Community”


Maya Essimel
Politics Philosophy and Economics
Adviser: Amy Sepinwall
Project: "A Reevaluation of Judicial Ethics in Light of Emerging Social Media Phenomena"

Ruijun (Sophia) Liu
Adviser: Kimberly Woolf
Project: "Persuading Climate Skeptics with Causal Explanations:
Evidence from aLarge Survey Experiment"

Brendan Lui
Political Science
Adviser: Julia Lynch
Project: "Kept Down and Locked Out: Comparing the Exclusion of Racial and
Ethnic Minority Workers in the Skilled Construction Sectors of Denmark, Italy, and the United States"

Claire Nguyen
Adviser: Eiichiro Azuma
Project: "(Dis)placed: A History of Vietnamese Refugee Americans in San Jose, California, 1975-1999"

Chinaza Ruth Okonkwo
Adviser: Karen Detlefsen
Project: "Igbo Enwe Eze: Towards an Indigenous Igbo Conception of Democracy"

Kaitlyn Rentala
Philosophy Politics and Economics
Adviser: Brian Berkey
Project: "Analyzing Modern Day Surveillance Capitalism Through the Rawlsian Basic Structure"

Denali Sagner
Adviser: Brent Cebul
Project: "Defense, Capitalism, and the Cold War’s Fallout in Alabama’s 'Model City'"

Julie Sohnen
Political Science
Adviser: Walter McDougall
Project: "More than Just a Spy: Jonathan Pollard and the “Special Relationship”"

Eden Vance
Adviser: Peter Holquist
Project: "Evaluating The Legacy of the Boer Wars in Edwardian‐Era Reforms"

Nikki Zinzuwadia
Health & Societies
Adviser: David Barnes
Project: "Criminal Justice, Mass Incarceration, and COVID-19: Understanding
Prison Health and Prison Health Activism in the United States"


João Campos
International Relations
Adviser: David Bowden
Project: "International Intervention in Conservation Efforts in the Brazilian Amazon"

Sally Chen
Political Science
Adviser: Jolyon Thomas
Project: "Is it All a Mirage? Examining Religious Freedom in America"

Carson Eckhard
History/English (majors)
Urban Studies/Africana Studies (minors)
Adviser: Mia Bay
Project: "Ragged Battalions, Plotting Liberty: the Convict Leasing System and the
Urbanization of Florida, 1870-1940"

Tat Hang Henry Hung
Adviser: Samuel Freeman
Project: "The Boundaries of Justifiable Disobedience"

Suchait Kahlon
Adviser: Sophia A. Rosenfeld
Project: "Abolition, Africans, and Abstraction: The Influence of the
'Noble Savage' on British and French Antislavery Thought, 1787-1807"

Angela Kumirai
Adviser: Ann Greene Norton
Project: "An analysis of Universal Healthcare’s Impact on Health Delivery
and Access in Botswana, Ghana and Zimbabwe."

Anna Lisa Lowenstein
Adviser: Brent Cebul
Project: "Reconstructing the Right: American Conservative Ideology in the Vietnam Era"

Erin O'Malley
Comparative Literature
Adviser: Rita Barnard
Project: "The Asian/Alien in American Legal Policy and Science Fiction"

Morgan Taylor
Health and Societies
Adviser: Meghan Crnic
Project: "Black Female Maternal Mortality Crisis in the United States"

Alexandru Zanca
Business Economics and Public Policy
Adviser: Melissa Teixeira
Project: "Inequality and Development under Democratic Neoliberalism: Case Study of Chile"


Rebecca Alifimoff
Adviser: Sophia Rosenfeld
Project: "Political Postcards of the Dreyfus Affair"

Merobi Degefa
Health and Societies
Adviser: PhD. David Barnes
Project: "Perceived efficacy of foreign funded reproductive health programs in Ethiopia"

Michael John
Political Science
Project: "Understanding Notions of Ethnic Identity in the Caribbean"

Sophia Lindner
Adviser: Hyunjoon Park
Project: "Navigation and Perception of Racial Discrimination in the
Cuban Tourism Industry of the 21st Century"

Stefan Ranoszek
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Project: "Decriminalising the Sale of Sex in Africa: An Abolitionist Legal Apparatus"

Alia Schechter
Adviser: Yvonne Fabella
Project: "Mothers, Daughters and Most Importantly, Voters:
Transitions in Mexican Feminist Rhetoric, 1926-1953"

Samantha Stein
Health and Societies
Project: "Mapping Sociomedical Democracy: Community Consultation
and Public Disclosure in the Emergency Medicine Research Space"

Sherry Tseng
Project: "Normative Responsibility Towards Epistemic Injustice in Logical Constants"

Archana Upadhyay
Adviser: Amy Offner
Project: "A 'More Peculiar Peculiar Institution': Abolitionism
and British Perceptions of Slavery in the Ottoman Empire"


Dillon Bergin
Comparative Literature
Adviser: Rita Barnard
Project: "Fees Must Fall: Student Revolt in Post-apartheid South Africa"

Alexandra Breckenridge
Philosophy Politics and Economics
Adviser: Srilata Gangulee
Project: "Activist Courts and Failures of Public Administration in South Africa"

Amanda Damon
Communication & Public Service
Adviser: David Eisenhower
Project: "Immigration Reform: A Modern Day Civil Rights Issue"

Eric Eisner
Adviser: Beth Wenger
Project: "The Most Generous, Disinterested, and Philanthropic Motives:
Religion, Race, and the Maryland Jew Bill"

KaJaiyaiu Hopkins
Adviser: Annette Lareau
Project: "Citizenship in the Refugee Camp: How Religion Organizes Social Life"

John Matthews
Political Science
Adviser: Eileen Doherty-Sil
Thesis Adviser: Dorothy Kronick
Project: "Democratic Engagement with Pre-Trial Detention Reform"

Kevin Myers
Philosophy Politics and Economics
Adviser: Mary Frances Berry
Project: "Vote Lotteries and Increasing Voter Turnout"

Leah Sprague
Health and Societies
Adviser: Kathy Peiss
Project: "The United States Government as a Source of Nutrition Expertise, 1945-1980"

Melanie Xu
Adviser: Kathleen Brown
Project: "Chattel Slavery in the Cherokee Nation: A Legal History"


Parker Abt
Adviser: Daniel Richter
Project: “Federalism, Government Responsibility, and Citizenship in Texas Colonias"

Julia Becker
Communication and Public Service
Adviser: Marwan Kraidy
Project: “Blogging on the border: Digital media use by transborder
citizens living in the U.S.-México border region"

Rive Cadwallader
Health and Societies
Adviser: David Barnes
Project: “Neoclassical Medicine in the 'Athens of America’: the Creation of
Professional Identity among Physicians in Late Eighteenth Century Philadelphia"

Jeffrey Careyva
Adviser: Max Cavitch
Project: “Kant and Derrida: Understanding Cosmopolitanism and Democracy to Come"

Madison Dawkins
Political Science
Adviser: Eileen Doherty-Sil
Project: “Mass Incarceration: A Human Rights Perspective in the 21st Century"

Alisa Feldman
Health and Societies
Advisor: Adam Mohr
Project: “Be Fruitful and Medicalize: IVF Risk Communication and
the Politics of Assisted Reproduction in Israel"

Isabel Griffith
Health and Societies
Adviser: Ann Greene Norton
Project: “Understanding the Experience of Childbirth and Maternal Care
for Migrant Mothers within Costa Rica’s Public Healthcare System"

Amanda Nart
Adviser: Amy Offner
Project: “An Endless Strategy of Concealment: State Violence,
Women, and Resistance in Cuba, 1952-1962"

Nubia Ortega
Medical Anthropology
Adviser: Brian Spooner
Project: “The Role of Ethnicity in the Distribution of
Type II Diabetes Care in Santiago Atitlán and Cobbs Creek“

Michael Torcello
Political Science
Adviser: Dr. Eileen Doherty-Sil
Project: “The Promises and Perils of Direct Democracy” 



Mary Cerulli
Health and Societies
Adviser: Kimberly K. Trout
Project: Go Ask the Midwife: Understanding Public Maternity
Care from a Nursing Perspective in Cape Town, South Africa

Alexis Ciambotti
Classical Studies
Adviser: Jeremy McInerney
Project: Contextualizing the Law: The Effects of Conflict on Fifth-Century
Athenian Jurisprudence and Pericles' Citizenship Law of 451/450 B.C.

Benjamin Fogel
History / Psychology
Adviser: Daniel Richter
Project: Fabius, or the forgotten Farmer: John Dickinson and the Debate for the American Mind

Anna Garson
Adviser: Brendan O'Leary
Project: Cushendall, Collins, Craig, & Churchill: Anglo-Irish Relations 1920-1922

Rebecca Heilweil
Political Science
Adviser: Marc Meredith
Project: First Amendment Media Coverage in the 20th Century

Jessie Lu
Adviser: Adriana Petryna
Project: Healthcare Citizenship in the "Forgotten District" of Uganda

Samantha Rahmin
History / Psychology
Adviser: Mary Frances Berry
Project: Who's Invited: A Story of Emory, Princeton, and Penn Admissions in the Wake of the Civil Rights Movement

Jordan Rosman
Political Science
Adviser: Eileen Doherty-Sil
Project: Robber Barons, Railroads, and Riots: A Comparative Analysis of Gilded Age and Modern Resistance Movements

Alec Ward
Project: Police Reform in Northern Ireland

Olivia Webb
Health and Societies
Adviser: Andi Johnson
Project: The Recent History of Legislation Targeting Homelessness in the City of Philadelphia


Grace Choi
Political Science / Philosophy
Adviser: Rogers Smith
Project: Ethnic Self-Identification Among Cambodians, Laotians, Hmong, and Vietnamese

Sarah Engell
Adviser: Kathy Peiss
Project: Moral Education in Public Schools

Nicolas Garcia
Political Science
Advisers: Matthew Levendusky and John J. DiIulio
Project: "The Changing Faith of Latinos on American National Politics"

Marco Herndon
Urban Studies
Adviser: Tamara Walker
Project: LGBTQ rights in Peru

Ethan LaFrance
Political Science / Modern Middle Eastern Studies
Adviser: Ian Lustick
Project: "Constitutional Development & Conceptions of Citizenship in Contemporary Turkey"

Arjun Malik
Political Science / Economics
Adviser: Robert Vitalis
Project: The Irreligious in Egypt (with Hani Warith)

Varun Menon
History / Premed
Adviser: Walter A. McDougall and Frederick R. Dickinson
Project: "Upstart Republic: The United States Congress in the Age of Democratic Revolutions"

Aaron Senior
History / Political Science
Adviser: Michael Zuckerman
Project: "The American Reactions to the French Revolution and the Place of American Fraternity within the Early Republic"

Hani Warith
Political Science / Philosophy
Adviser: Robert Vitalis
Project: The Irreligious in Egypt (with Arjun Malik)


Claudia Acha
International Relations
Adviser: Isa Camyar, International Relations
Project: “International Drug Control Under Siege? Power Politics and Bolivia’s Nationalization of the Global War on Drugs”

Anwar Akrouk
Adviser: Antonio Feros, History
Project: “The Relationship of Early Arab Nationalists with Ethnic and Religious Minorities within the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1918”

Dawn Androphy
Adviser: Kathy Peiss, History
Project: “Before Liberation: Political Ideology and Self-Expression in the U.S. Homophile Movement, 1950-1965”

Antonio Cotzias
PPE/Political Science
Adviser: Jeff Green, Political Science
Project: “On Exploring the Relationship between Tragedy and Democracy in the Classical Period”

Shuhao Fan
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Adviser: Sumantra Sen, PPE
Project: “Bargaining and Influence in an Authoritarian Regime: The Case of China's Legislature”

Jessie Goldman
Adviser: Walter Licht, History
Project: “The Decline of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America, 1945-55”

Abigail Koffler
Adviser: Amy Offner, History
Project: “Pachakutik in the Classroom: Indigenous Revolt and Education Policy in Ecuador”

Kimberly Kolor
Religious Studies
Adviser: Justin McDaniel, Religious Studies
Project: “Muslims and Tamils in Sri Lanka: An Ethnography of Everyday Interactions”

Will Marble
Mathematical Economics/Political Science
Adviser: John Lapinski, Political Science
Project: “The Effect of Convenience Voting on the Behavior of Voters and Campaigns”

Madeleine Stevens
Adviser: David Eisenhower, Annenberg School
Project: “Women Politicians in the U.S. and France: A Comparative Study of Media Coverage”


Serena Covkin
Adviser: Stephanie McCurry, History
Project: “Women’s Associations in the Civil War”

Shabnam Elahi
Adviser: Fran Barg, Medicine
Project: “Risk Communication and Asbestos Exposure”

Yessenia Gutierrez
Biology / Latino and Latin American Studies
Adviser: Emilio Parrado, Sociology
Project: “Becoming American: The Process of Belonging and Identity Formation in the Emerging Latin American Immigrant Community in Philadelphia”

Julia Kelsoe
Adviser: Margo Todd, History
Project: “The Court of the Star Chamber”

Amanda Mauri
Health and Societies
Adviser: Arnold Rosoff, Wharton School
Project: “The Consequences of a Constitutional Right to Health”

Urja Mittal
Political Science / Economics / Finance (Wharton)
Adviser: Marc Meredith, Political Science
Project: “Public Opinion and Political Accountability”

Sindhu Nandhakumar
Political Science
Adviser: Eileen Doherty-Sil, Political Science
Project: “The Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Committee in Sri Lanka and the Promotion of Democracy”

Mauricio Novelo
Comparative Literature / English
Adviser: Rachel Ellis Neyra, English
Project: “Latin American Indigenes and Representations of Citizenship in a Globalized World”

Elie Peltz
Adviser: Ian Lustick, Political Science
Project: “Civil Society Peacebuilding in Israel-Palestine and Northern Ireland”

Shawn Teo

Political Science
Adviser: Frederick Dickinson, History
Project: “The Development of National Identity in Singapore”


Fatima Bhojani
Political Science
Adviser: Ian Lustick, Political Science
Project: "Arabs in East Jerusalem"

Robert Franco
Adviser: Ann Farnsworth-Alvear, History
Project: "El Parasio de Las Mujeres: Women's Suffrage in Ecuador, 1895-1929"

Stephen Fritz
Adviser: Thomas Sugrue, History
Project: "The South Carolina Progressive Democratic Party, 1944-1948"

Naomi Fujiki
Adviser: Vanessa Ogle, History
Project: "Human Rights Watch and the Helsinki Final Act: The Role of An American Human Rights Nongovernmental Organization At the End of the Cold War"

Michael Gutierrez
Hispanic Studies
Adviser: Rachel Ellis Neyra, Romance Languages
Project: "Democratic Spaces in Cuban Hip-Hop"

Ting Cho Lau
Political Science
Adviser: Jeffrey Green, Political Science
Project: "Derek Parfit, Moral Theory, and Political Communities"

Jun Youb Lee
Adviser: Walter Licht, History
Project: "The Great Peace March of 1986"

Lee Marcus
Health and Societies
Adviser: Xu Lan, Graduate School of Education
Project: "Social Position and Citizenship Identities Among Middle School Adolescents in a Higher Education Partnership After-School Program"

Laurel Ma
History / African Studies
Adviser: Lee Cassanelli, History
Project: "National Identity Construction in the Zimbabwean Crisis"

Kristin Zuhone
Political Science
Adviser: Brendan O'Leary, Political Science
Project: "Rioting in the Banlieues and Questions of Citizenship in France"


Meghna Chandra
Political Science
Adviser: Tulia Falleti, Political Science
Project: “NGOs and Conceptions of Citizenship in Bogota, Columbia and La Paz, Bolivia"

Adam Croom
Adviser: Robin Clark, Linguistics
Project: “Game Theoretic Pragmatics and the Socio-Politics of Face”

John Gee
Adviser: Warren Breckman, History
Project: “An Intellectual Biography of Rawls’ Theory of Justice”

Melissa Goodman
Political Science
Adviser: Jessica Stanton, Political Science
Project: “Humanitarian Law and Foreign Policy in the Afghanistan War”

Meghan Hussey
International Relations
Adviser: Brendan O’Leary, Political Science
Project: “Criminals of Political Prisoners? The Management of the 1980-1981 Hunger Strikes in Northern Ireland by the Governments of the UK an Ireland”

Emily Kern
History (Diplomatic)
Adviser: Arthur Waldron , History
Project: “GI Jupp: German-American Identity and Citizenship in World War II”

Galileu Kim
Political Science and Economics
Adviser: Tom Callaghy, Political Science
Project: “The Paris Club: Politics and the Impacts of Debt Restructuring in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico”

Quratul-Ann Malik
Political Science
Adviser: Ian Lustick, Political Science
Project: “Does Pakistan Have a Tipping Point? An Agent-Based Modeling Analysis”

Michael Morse
Political Science
Adviser: Marc Meredith, Political Science
Project: “Political Impacts of Felon Disfranchisement”

Zachary Propert
Comparative Literature
Adviser: Lydie Moudileno, Romance Language
Project: “The Media War and Political Discourse in Mali”

Adam Saltzman
Adviser: Kok-chor Tan, Philosophy
Project: “When Is Terrorism Justified?”

Sarabeth Zielonka
Russian Languages and Literature
Adviser: Benjamin Nathans, History
Project: “The Sinyavsky-Daniel Trial and the Origins of Soviet Legalism”


Eitan Adler

International Relations
Adviser: Ian Lustick, Political Science
Project: “Identity and tensions surrounding the accidental non-Jewish Russian population in Israel”

Stephen Childs
Adviser: Stephanie McCurry, History
Project: “Averting Crisis: The Washington Peace Conference of 1861 – Its Failure, and the Quandary of the Border-States”

Rose Espinola
Latin American Studies
Adviser: Ann Farnsworth-Alvear, History
Project: “A Neo-Movimiento?: Youth-farmworker solidarity among Latino activists”

Clare Foran
Adviser: Warren Breckman, History
Project: “The Construction of Memory in Postwar France: An Analysis of Antigone by Jean Anouilh and Les Mouches by Jean Paul Sartre"

Mary Ann (Molly) Mitchell
Adviser: John Jackson, Anthropology
Project: “Nigerian Videofilm as a Means for Democratic Interventions”

Sasha Riser-Kositsky
Political Science
Adviser: Devesh Kapur, Political Science
Project: “Are Smaller States 'Better' States? Development and Governance in Jharkhand and Uttarkhand”

W. Collin Schenk
Health and Society
Adviser: David Barnes, Health and Society
Project: “Voices from Kolkata: The Politics of Health in the Slums”

Vikram Vish
Adviser: Henry Teune, Political Science
Project: “The Impact of Universities in Strengthening Citizenship and Democratic Competencies Among Undergraduate Students”

Alec Webley
Political Science
Adviser: Jeffrey Green, Political Science
Project: “The More Things Get Edited, The More They Stay the Same: Wikipedia and the Limits of Deliberative Democracy”


Eric Augenbraun

Adviser: Thomas Sugrue, History
Project: “Tuskegee in Philadelphia: The Ideological and Institutional Foundations of Leon Sullivan's Opportunities Industrialization Centers”

Adrienne Benson
Political Science
Adviser: Jeffrey Green, Political Science
Project: “Deliberative Theory and Democratic Reality: What the 2008 Presidential Nominating Caucuses Mean for Deliberative Democracy”

Boyan Gerasimov
International Relations
Adviser: Mark Pollack, Liberal Arts, Temple University
Project: “Why Do Bulgarians and Romanians Trust the European Commission More than Their Own National Governments?"

George Karandinos
Health and Societies
Adviser: Philippe Bourgois, Anthropology
Project: “The Impact and Reproduction of Violence in North Philadelphia”

Andrew Kincaid
History / Hispanic Studies
Adviser: Ronald Granieri, History
Project: "Atlantic Piracy and the Rise of the Modern Age”

Elise Miller
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Advisers: Eranda Jayawickremeand and Martin Seligman, Psychology
Project: “Resilience in Rwanda: Exploring Post-Traumatic Well-being and its Implications for Democratic Development”

Mario Peia
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics / Psychology
Adviser: Tara J. Radin, Wharton
Project: “Businesses as Citizens: A Framework for Rights and Responsibilities in a Global Marketplace”

Aro Velmet
Adviser: Richard Leventhal, Anthropology
Project: “Remembering the Lost Decades: Identity Creation in Baltic Museums of Occupation”

Athanasia Vgontzas
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Adviser: Adriana Petryna, Anthropology
Project: “Health Inequalities among Rural and Urban Roman In Greece”

Chloe Wayne
Finance / Africana Studies
Adviser: Andrew Lamas, Urban Studies
Project: “ The Politics of Standard Deviation: Assembling Race, Ownership, and Citizenship from the Ruins of Property Crises"


Adam Bartolanzo
Political Science
Project: “Faith-Based Initiatives in Philadelphia"

Barbara Coons
History / Biology
Project: “The Potential for Violence in 1990s Eastern Europe: Why Did Translyvania Simmer While Kosovo Boiled?"

Ani Gevorkian
International Relations
Project: “Failures of Democratization in Armenia"

Neel Lalchandani
Political Science
Project: “Afro-Centric Curricula and Citizenship in Philadelphia Schools"

Carlos Martinez-Ruiz
Cultural Anthropology
Project: “The Welfare State in Crisis: Citizenship and National Political Identity in the Mortgage Foreclosure Debacle"

Rahul Reddy
Political Science / Economics
Project: “India's 'Sons of the Soil' Movements and Intra-State Borders"

David Reinecke and Philip Rocco
Science, Technology and Society / Political Science,
Project: "Re-envisioning the Pan-European Polity: The Eurovision Song Contest and Techniques of Representation"

Priya Shankar
Political Science / South Asian Studies
Project: “Assuring Citizens Their Right to Food in India"

Sandra Zhao
Project: “Modes of Empowerment: Literacy and Democracy in India"