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Faculty Workshops

Modern constitutional democracies confront many problems of how far citizenship should be structured to express, accommodate, or trump racial and ethnic identities. For example, are racially or ethnically-based representation and affirmative action in employment in education (banned in some modern constitutional democracies, required in many others) ever appropriate? If so, when and why? How far should minority cultural identities be accommodated in public institutions? Are reparations required for unjustly treated indigenous communities or racial minorities? These topics are scheduled for both empirical and normative study in 2010-2011.

The Everyday Workings of Ethnicity
Rogers Brubaker (Sociology, UCLA)
Discussant: Adolph Reed (Penn Political Science)

"Towards a Critical Appreciation of Political Globalization: Gender in the Service of the Internationalized Security State"
Mervat Hatem, (Political Science, Howard University)
Discussant: Heather J Sharkey
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"Quotidian Violences, Silences, and the Burden of Citizenship in Queer Lives of All Colors"
Carlos Decena (Women's and Gender Studies and Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Rutgers University)
Discussant: Ann Farnsworth-Alvear (Penn History)
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Racial Hoaxes and the Penumbra of Citizenship
Katheryn Russell-Brown (Law, University of Florida)
Discussant: Michael Katz (Penn History)

Unsettling Indigenous Citizenship
Jessica Cattelino (Anthropology, UCLA)
Discussant: Rogers M. Smith (Penn Political Science)

Memories of Slavery in Contemporary Law and Politics
Ariela Gross (Law and History, University of Southern California)

Race, War, and Citizenship
Christopher Parker (Political Science, University of Washington)
Discussant: Serena Mayeri (Penn Law)

Asian Americans and the Complexities of Citizenship
Frank Wu (Law, University of California Hastings)

Fourth Annual Penn DCC Conference

April 29, 2011

PANEL 1: "Identity, Solidarity and Conflict"
Chair: Camille Charles (Penn Sociology)
Tommie Shelby (Philosophy and African American Studies, Harvard Univeristy)
Erin Chung (Political Science, Johns Hopkins University)
Discussant: Jane Gordon (Temple University)

PANEL 2: "Indigenous Rights and Reparations"
Chair: Nancy Hornberger (Penn GSE)
Natalie Joy, History (DCC Postdoctoral Fellow)
Sheryl Lightfoot (Political Science, University of British Columbia)
Discussant: Greg Urban (Penn Anthropology)

PANEL 3: "Citizenship, Ethnicity and Race"
Chair: Rogers M. Smith (Penn Political Science)
Traci Burch (Political Science, Northwestern University)
Lucius Outlaw (Philosophy, Vanderbilt University)
Discussant: Jennifer Lee (Sociology, UC Irvine)

PANEL 4: "Gender, Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity"
Chair: Adolph Reed (Penn Political Science)
Rogaia Abusharaf (Anthropology, Georgetown University-Qatar)
Faith Smith (English and African and Afro-American Studies, Brandeis)
Discussant: Deborah Thomas (Penn Anthropology)

Graduate Workshops

"Slavery and the Politics of the 5th Amendment's Takings Clause"
Stephan Stohler (Political Science, UPenn)
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"The Significance of Jeremiah Evarts on John Marshall's Federal Indian Law Decisions, Cherokee Nation (1831) and Worcester (1832)"
Nancy Morgan (History, Temple)
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"The Role of Official History in the Construction of Citizenship and National Identity in Turkey
Meral Ugur Cinar (Political Science, UPenn)

"Dangers to Democratization: Military Responses to Constitutional Changes of Leadership in Africa"
Kristen Harkness (Political Science, Princeton)
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"'It Sticks Like a Shadow': Relations of Comity in Aves v Commonwealth and Benito Cereno"
Rachel Banner (English, UPenn)
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"Monochrome Lexicality and 'Islam is (not) Peace'“
Murad Idris (Political Science, UPenn)

"American Social Movements and the Nonprofit Sector: Trends in Institutionalization from 1989-2008”
Matt Mongiello (Political Science, UPenn)

"In Search of an Absolute Majority: Richard Nixon, Desegregation, the Southern Strategy, and the Path to Equal Citizenship”
Dov Grohsgal (History, Princeton)

"You Can't Control Me!: Cultivating Authority in a Struggling Urban High School”
Erika Kitzmiller (Education, UPenn)

"Citizenship and Democracy as Membership and Participation”
Elizabeth M. Lee (Sociology, UPenn)

"American Democracy and the Peacetime Military Establishment in the United States: 1815-1848”
John L. Dwiggins (History, UPenn)

"Exile, Ancient and Modern?”
Briana McGinnis (Government, Georgetown)

"Writing their own History of the Present: The Role of Contentious Political Discourse in the Internet Public Sphere during the 2008 Candelight Protests in South Korea”
Kyung Chloe Lee (Communication, UPenn)

"Government, Newspapers, and Crime: The Perception of Crime in Phoenix, Arizona, 1970-1980”
Anthony Pratcher, II (History, UPenn)

"Explaining the Emergence of Modern Incorporation”
Alexander Jerneck (Sociology, UPenn)

"Staff and Coherence in a Social Service Contractor”
Greg Harris (Sociology, UPenn)

"Synthesizing the Republic: Political Culture in France 1876-1880”
Heather Bennett (History, UPenn)

"'A Republic Without a Pub is a Relic': Litigating Prohibition in Nehru's India”
Rohit De (History, Princeton)

Co-Sponsored Events

2/24-2/26/11: Comparing Elections and Electoral Systems in North America and India

3/31/11: LALS Faculty/Graduate Student Seminar on Latino Communities in Philadelphia

3/31-4/1/11: Civil Disabilities: Theory, Citizenship, and the Body