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PUBLICATION - Special Issue of Safundi on "Trump, Zuma, and the Grounds of US-South African Comparison"

Links are available here to the Introduction and to Anne-Maria Makhulu's essay, "Trump, Zuma, Brexit: Anti-Black Racism and the Truth of the World."
The full issue is available online to Penn affiliates here.

THE MITCHELL CENTER'S RACE AND POLITICS SERIES is proud to support the publication of a special issue of Safundi, a journal of comparative analysis of the United States and South Africa, that examines "Trump, Zuma, and the Grounds of US-South African Comparison." As Penn English Professor and issue editor RITA BARNARD notes in her introduction, when Trump emerged as the victor in the 2016 American presidential election he was a familiar type to South African observors: an African strongman and, specifically, a "white Jacob Zuma." The parallel reveals the "underlying tectonics of the global economic and political configurations that made their power and corruption possible." This theme is elaborated in nine articles that include examinations of "Thugocracy," "What can learn from the Gupta brothers," "Crowned Anarchy," and "Big Man Sovereignty and Sexual Politics in Pandemic Time."

In the issue's Acknowledgments, Barnard "gratefully acknowledges the institutional support of the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy at the University of Pennsylvania and especially the director, Jeff Green, who instantly grasped the possibilities of this project and offered encouragement throughout the process."