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Video Now Available: Making Technology Emerge (Melissa Flagg, Rebecca Slayton)

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 - 3:30pm

View the video here.

Making Technology Emerge: Commercialized Military Power Since 1945 (Democracy and Emergent Technology)

2/16/2023: Panel discussion with MELISSA FLAGG (Perry World House Fellow) and REBECCA SLAYTON (Cornell), moderated by SUSAN LINDEE (University of Pennsylvania).

FOR CENTURIES, WARFARE HAS BEEN A SPUR TO TECHNOLOGICAL innovations that have spilled over into civilian use, often with great benefits to society at large. The breakthrough technologies of World War II, and the continued high level of funding for military research that followed, accelerated this process, profoundly shaping our current lives. But the effects run in the other direction as well: as technologies are disseminated and transformed through commercial use, it creates new threats and opportunities for military operations. Our panelists explore both how the military can more effectively incubate new technologies and the implications, in arenas such as cyber, of losing its monopoly on their use.