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RACE & POLITICS - Intersectionality on the Right: The Politics of Latina Conservatism (Cristina Beltrán)

Thursday, February 23, 2023 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm

133 S. 36th Street, Room 250 (The Forum)
No registration required.
Read Professor Beltrán's paper here.

LATINA SUPPORT FOR THE GOP AND DONALD TRUMP is often treated as a contradiction in terms, given the xenophobic and anti-feminist stances of modern conservatism. CRISTINA BELTRÁN, whose work is situated at the intersection of Latino politics and political theory, delves deeply into the paradoxical nature of Latina conservatism and right-wing Latinidad. Arguing that conservative thought within Latino communities is shaped not only by ideology but through a potent combination of emotion and expression, she explores how conservative Latino elites seek to engage Latino voters' aesthetic and affective sensibilities. This event is held in partnership with the Penn Political Theory Workshop.

CRISTINA BELTRÁN is an Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University. Her research interests focus on modern and contemporary political theory, democratic theory, Latino Studies/Latino politics in the U.S., feminist theory, American political thought, race and ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. Her books include Cruelty as Citizenship: How Migrant Suffering Sustains White Democracy (University Minnesota Press, 2020) and The Trouble with Unity: Latino Politics and the Creation of Identity (Oxford University Press, 2010).