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The Political Economy of Post-Neoliberal Latin America (Maristella Svampa and Claudiney Pereira)

Thursday, November 6, 2014 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm

THIS WORKSHOP PRESENTS work that examines the political and economic forces impelling Latin America beyond neoliberal policies. All attendees are encouraged to read the papers, available below.

Maristella Svampa

"Latin American Development: Perspectives and Debates"
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Maristella Svampa is a researcher at CONICET (National Center for Scientific and Technical Research), Argentina and a professor at the Universidad Nacional de la Plata (province of Buenos Aires). Among her most recent books are: Entre la ruta y el barrio. La experiencia de las organizaciones piqueteras (Between the Highway and the Neighborhood: The experience of Piqueteros Organizations) (2003); La sociedad excluyente. La Argentina bajo el signo del neoliberalismo (Exclusive society: Argentina under Neoliberalism) (2005), Cambio de época. Movimientos sociales y poder político (Change of Time: Social Movements and Political Power) (2008); Minería Transnacional, narrativas del desarrollo y Resistencias sociales (Transnacional Mining, Narratives of Development and Social Resistance (2009); “Debatir Bolivia, Perspectivas de un proyecto de descolonización” (2010), in Argentina and Bolivia.

Claudiney Pereira et al
"The Impact of Taxes and Social Spending on Inequality and Poverty in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay: An Overview"
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Claudiney Pereira is a Clinical Associate Professor of Economics at the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. His publications include “The Effects of Brazil’s Taxation and Social Spending on the Distribution of Household Income,” with Sean Higgins (Public Finance Review, forthcoming) and “Fiscal Policy, ‘Fiscal Mobility’, the Poor, the Vulnerable and the Middle Class in Latin America,” with Nora Lustig et al, prepared as a background paper for the World Bank’s 2012 flagship report on Latin America and the Caribbean, From Opportunity to Achievement: Socioeconomic Mobility and the Rise of the Middle Class in Latin America.

Discussant: Maria Victoria Murillo (Columbia University)