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FACULTY WORKSHOP - Muslims Need Not Apply? Religious, Ethnic and Gender Discrimination in the US Labor Market (Grace Yukich)

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 4:30pm

Silverstein Forum, Stiteler Hall First Floor (Accessibility)
Free and open to the public / Food provided

Discussant: William Schultz (Mitchell Center Postdoctoral Fellow)

All attendees are encouraged to read Prof. Yukich's paper, available here.

ANTI-MUSLIM DISCRIMINATION HAS BECOME A CENTRAL ISSUE in the current U.S. political climate. Professor Yukich presents the first large-scale audit study of anti-Muslim discrimination in the U.S. that incorporates an intersectional framework including religion, ethnicity, and gender. Fictitious resumes were sent to 1,000 entry-level job openings in eight cities across the U.S. The study reveals that the amount of discrimination Muslims face depends on their ethnicity and gender: Arab Muslim men have the lowest callback rate, but white women face the largest penalty for being Muslim. These findings have implications for public policy and advance theories of intersectionality by demonstrating the inadequacy of additive approaches to discrimination.

GRACE YUKICH is Associate Professor of Sociology at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. She is a sociologist whose research, writing, and teaching focus on immigration, religion, social movements & politics, race & ethnicity, and culture. Her first book, One Family Under God: Immigration Politics and Progressive Religion in America (2013), is an ethnographic study of how immigration is changing the relationship between religion and politics in the United States, especially migration from Latin America. She is currently finishing research for her next book, using experimental methods to measure discrimination against Arab American Muslims in the U.S. job market.

All attendees are encouraged to read Prof. Yukich's paper, available here.

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